Behind the Beats: STBB#399 – MNSTRMKK

Back with our weekly report from the Stones Throw Beat Battles, we’re welcoming battle winner MNSTRMKK for the third time (!) for a few words about his track.

The STBB is a weekly beat battle, where anywhere from 50 to 100+ participants from all over the world, are provided a sample to flip/chop/edit/screw, and make a beat out of it within just a few days. All the participants then cast out a vote, and the winner picks the samples for the next round. We provide a weekly report and an interview with the battle winner.

Original Samplepack: (provided by Acktron)
Special Rules:
  • use the sample
  • do whatever you want with it
  • drums, bass, all vst’s or whatever are always welcome
  • The sample should be recognizable in your creation


The Winnner


Interview with the battle winner, MNSTRMKK:

Hi man, welcome again! Congratulations the win!

Can you shortly introduce yourself again?

MNSTRMKK: MNSTRMKK, from the city of Turku, Finland.

What Equipment or software (DAW, VST’s etc) did u use on this track?

MNSTRMKK: My mainstays: Ableton Live and Roland SP-404. Ain’t nothin’ changed 😛

What was your approach to get started?

MNSTRMKK: First I thought to myself: holy hell this sample is awesome. Then I started chopping it, and after making one rough draft I started it all over. The second one became the final beat.

How did you make use of the sample?

MNSTRMKK: I took few small bits and composed a simple melody of sorts from those. Nothing too complicated.

How did you go about the drumwork?

MNSTRMKK: Same as always: no quantize, with feeling, sloppy and banging.

Are there any insteresting aspects of the track that you would like to share?

MNSTRMKK: Nothing major. One interesting thing is that the first draft of the beat was very aggressive. But I wanted something more smooth, something that was harder to create out of that particular sample. I think that made it more challenging and fun.


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