The Holy Grail of Drum Breaks


This is an hommage to the art of sampling drum breaks, which originally gave birth to Hip-Hop. We are trying to build a comprehensive library of known open drum breaks, with contributions from music lovers from all over the world. A special shoutout to Young Guru who inspired this whole initiative!

Know another one? Please submit here!




  • Omar Lopez

    Love this idea! Hope this can grow to a definitive list of drum breaks.

    • Avatar photo


      Thanks! We just relaunched the site last week and we’re adding more and more breaks every day, so… Workinonit! 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to submit some!

  • EM

    Hi, for the last three weeks or so there’s been some kind of weird issue on the front page. Newly added breaks can be seen at the bottom, but the rest of the breaks on the page (under “Artist”) are not loading.

    • Avatar photo


      Hi, are you still having this issue? It looks fine here. Maybe try to empty your browser cache?

  • Phil hunt

    Absolutely love it, will be sharing this all over the shop.

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