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Free/Open Samples:
This is an awesome community sharing (field) recordings with each other. Some of the things to check out on this site are the “random sound”, “latest sounds” and “most popular”, they’re full of fresh ideas an inspiration, and make great layers for drums/percussion as well as background atmospheres or general fx.  And thank the uploader when you grab something, and maybe upload something yourself if you feel like giving back to the community! is. You will find historical speeches, interviews, radio shows, and all kinds of quirky stuff. And can be a challenge to search through their database, but some of the finds you can do on there are pure gold. Vocal cuts.samples, Movie samples, historical material.
MusOpen is a website providing recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions. They mainly provide classical music that is in the public domain, or with a creative commons (CC) license. The recordings are free to sample in your music.


Commercial Samples:

These are some of the best and most dynamic drum samples i’ve heard. You won’t get the fully finished kick or snare sound in here, but it is some of the best “generic” starting material to create your own kits. The drums samples are dynamic, well-recorded, have a full frequency range, and… full of tape saturation and other analog goodness as is Goldbaby’s trademark. Some favourite kits include: MPC60, Vinyl Drums and The Tape 808. They’re very affordable, too, show some love!


Drum Breaks:

All Breaks – The 300 Most Essential Drum Breaks

Disclaimer: We are simply providing a link to resources that are openly accessible on the internet. Use at your own discretion. We are not responsible for any possible copyright infringement from use of these samples.


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