Behind the Beats: STBB#438 Ny Odus

How it do Beatbros! Back again with a report from the Stones Throw Beat Battles, with battle winner Ny Odus is here to answer some questions on his winning track.

The STBB is a weekly beat battle, where anywhere from 50 to 100+ participants from all over the world, are provided a sample to flip/chop/edit/screw, and make a beat out of it within just a few days. All the participants then cast out a vote, and the winner picks the samples for the next round. We provide a weekly report and an interview with the battle winner.

Samplepack: (provided by WhoIsHe?)

Production rules :
1. :30 Seconds minimum of live soloing/IMPROVISATION
2. outside drums – allowed
3. keys/synths (VST) – allowed (SYNTH SOLO)
5. cuts/scratches – allowed
YOUR BEAT MUST FEATURE YOURSELF OR ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS IMPROVSING/SOLOING for a minimum of :30 seconds on some type of instrument

The Winnner


Interview with the battle winner,

Hey Ny.. congratulations on your first win!

Ny: Thanks! I appreciate it.

Can you shortly introduce yourself?

Ny: Yee, I’m the Producer, trumpet player, singer, writer, thing maker called Ny Odus. From St. Louis originally, currently rooted in Los Angeles.

I figure you had trumpet lessons, judging on your level?

Ny: I had ten years of instruction.

What Equipment or software (DAW, VST’s etc) did you use on this track?

Ny: This one was all done on Ableton. The bass was NI Monark, the keys were NI Scarbee Vintage Keys Mark I. Trumpet.

What was your idea for this track?

Ny: I started by looping up the sample, using it to develop all the other elements of the piece.

How did you make use of those samples?

Ny: I looped that stepkids sample up and cut out all but that upper layer. Then I used that as the melody line to develope some chords that complimented well, and challenge it a little harmonically to add some new context to it.

How did you go about the drumwork?

Ny: I just looped up the Bernard Purdie break from Changes.

Is there something more about the track you want us to know?

Ny: yee, Trumpets all 1 take improv off the dome shit. 0% quantized. 100% human. Glad you all enjoyed. 65ETICA. Be well.

What is 65ETICA?

Ny: Yeaa bro for sure / Eticas an ill brand im doin a line of “FUCK YOUR QUANTIZE” Shirts with / They got ill shit comin out. Always tryna rep

that’s dope!… Okay Ny thanks for talking with me!

Ny: Thanks again man.

pz bro!


Check out Ny Odus’ music on Soundcloud


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